Edited and published by Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), Ministerio de Agricultura, Chile

Pages 1 - 83
Enero - Marzo 1987

Two systems of utilization of a red clover pasture with Hereford males, within a wheat crop rotation. Technical results
Authors: Joaquín García E., Eduardo Campos F., Hugo Vyhmeister B. y Hernán Olguín H.
Nitrogen sources and levels applied to unirrigated Pedro Jiménez grape-vines. V. Effeets over total-N and NO3-N, in shoots and roots, at four phenologic stages
Authors: Arturo Lavín A. y Jorge Valenzuela B.
Rapeseed soap stock levels in Hereford young bulls'|winter rations
Authors: Claudio Rojas G., Adrián Catrileo S. y Nora Lefno M.
Valuation of canals of Hereford steers, reared in the inland dryland of the Mediterranean subhumid region of Chile
Authors: Julia Avendaño R. y Carlos Ovalle M.
Temperature effect on the phenology of wheat, ev. Aurifén
Authors: Haydeé Castillo G. y Fernando Santibáñez Q.
Weed control on young pear trees (Pyrus communis L.). iess than three years oid
Authors: Adriana Ramírez de V. y Jorge Nitsche M.
Grain losses in the feces of cows fed corn silage
Authors: Ernesto Jahn B. y Hugo Vyhmeister B.
Effect of external factors in the determinations of P-Olsen, in volcanic ash soils. Araucanía Region, Chile
Authors: Adolfo Montenegro B., Pedro Baherle V., Luis Barrales V. y Marina Arriagada R.
Effect of pelleting and inoculation on the establishment and nodulation of clovers
Authors: Hernán Acuña P., Alfonso Herrera O. y Pedro Gajardo R.
Analysis of the behaviour of wheat cultivars at La Platina Exp. Sta. (Santiago), years 1982, 1983, and 1984
Authors: René Cortázar S., Ignacio Ramírez A., Oscar Moreno M., Ernesto Hacke E. y Fernando Riveros B.
Porcifen, a winter triticale cultivar for the central south area of Chile
Authors: Mario Mellado Z.
Assay of fourinsecticide concentrations in INIA 82.2 band.against. Naupactus xanthographus Germain in vineyards
Authors: Renato Ripa S.
Lupin grain levels in steer rations
Authors: Claudio Rojas G. y Leonardo Carrasco D.
Autumn flowering induction by water stress and fruit removal in lemon trees
Authors: Bruno Razeto M. y José Longueira M.
Propagation of clonal plum rootstocks by hardwood cuttings
Authors: Gamalier Lemus S.
Fusarium sotani identified as the causal agent of root rot of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) in Chile
Authors: Mario Alvarez A. y Carolina Briner G.
Identification of Phoma medicaginis (Malbr and Roum) var pinodella (Jones) Boerema, in pea (Pisum sativum L.) plants and seeds, in the IX Region of Chile
Authors: Jaime Guerrero C.