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Pages 523 - 680
October - December

Cover photography: Apis mellifera L.

Determination of Antioxidant Capacity, Total Phenolic Content and Mineral Composition of Different Fruit Tissue of Five Apple Cultivars Grown in Chile
Authors: Carolina Henríquez, Sergio Almonacid, Italo Chiffelle, Tania Valenzuela, Manuel Araya, Lorena Cabezas, Ricardo Simpson, and Hernán Speisky
Pages 523 - 536 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Antioxidant Capacity, Anthocyanins, and Total Phenols of Wild and Cultivated Berries in Chile
Authors: Jaime Guerrero C., Luigi Ciampi P., Andrea Castilla C., Fernando Medel S., Heidi Schalchli S., Emilio Hormazabal U., Emma Bensch T., and Miren Alberdi L.
Pages 537 - 544 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Management of Auxin-Cytokinin Interactions to Improve Micropropagation Protocol of Henequen (Agave fourcroydes Lem.)
Authors: Miguel Garriga Caraballo, Gerardo González Oramas, Silvia Alemán García, Enildo Abreu Cruz, Karla Quiroz Bravo, Peter D.S. Caligari, and Rolando García-González
Pages 545 - 551 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Field Testing of Tomato Chilling Tolerance under Varying Light and Temperature Conditions
Authors: Rafael Elizondo, and Eduardo Oyanedel
Pages 552 - 558 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Seasonal Induction of Cluster Roots in Embothrium coccineum J.R. Forst. &| G. Forst. in the Field: Factors that Regulate their Development
Authors: Gabriel Donoso-Ñanculao, Mauricio Castro, Darío Navarrete, León A. Bravo, and Luis J. Corcuera
Pages 559 - 566 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Differences in the Detoxification Metabolism between Two Clonal Lineages of the Aphid Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) Reared on Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)
Authors: Marco A. Cabrera-Brandt, Eduardo Fuentes-Contreras, and Christian C. Figueroa
Pages 567 - 575 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Control of Botrytis cinerea in Eucalyptus globulus Mini-Cuttings using Clonostachys and Trichoderma Strains
Authors: Salomé Zaldúa and Eugenio Sanfuentes
Pages 576 - 582 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Effect of Vermicompost and Compost on Lettuce Production
Authors: Adriana Hernández, Hugo Castillo, Dámaris Ojeda, Ana Arras, Julio López, and Esteban Sánchez
Pages 583 - 589 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Effect of Split Nitrogen Applications on Durum Wheat Cultivars in Volcanic Soil
Authors: Juan Hirzel, Iván Matus, and Ricardo Madariaga
Pages 590 - 595 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Visualizing Adaptation of Genotypes with a Ternary Plot.
Authors: Marcin Kozak
Pages 596 - 603 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Topoclimatic Modeling of Thermopluviometric Variables for the Bí|o Bí|o and La Araucaní|a Regions, Chile.
Authors: Diego Díaz M., Luís Morales S., Giorgio Castellaro G., and Fernando Neira R.
Pages 604 - 615 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Modeling Isosteric Heat of Soya Bean for Desorption Energy Estimation Using Neural Network Approach
Authors: Reza Amiri Chayjan, and Mahmood Esna-Ashari
Pages 616 - 625 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Mathematical Modeling in the Estimation of Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) Fruit Volume
Authors: M. Kadri Bozokalfa, and Murat Kilic
Pages 626 - 632 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Cocoa Bean (Theobroma cacao L.) Drying Kinetics.
Authors: Ndukwu MacManus Chinenye, A.S. Ogunlowo, and O.J. Olukunle
Pages 633 - 639 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Determination of Quality Chemical Parameters of Honey from Chubut (Argentinean Patagonia).
Authors: Pia Valeria Aloisi
Pages 640 - 645 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Genetic Structure and Diversity of Four Chilean Sheep Breeds.
Authors: Rodrigo de la Barra, Héctor Uribe, Etel Latorre, Fermín San Primitivo, and Juan Arranz
Pages 646 - 651 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Glyphosate Use in Forest Plantations.
Authors: Marcelo Kogan, and Claudio Alister
Pages: 652 - 666 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
The Karyotype of Alstroemeria diluta Ehr. Bayer subsp. chrysantha (Alstroemeriaceae)
Authors: Carlos M. Baeza, Eduardo Ruiz, and Patricio Novoa
Pages: 667 - 669 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Faraó|n-INIA, a new Winter Triticale (×|Triticosecale Wittmack) for Southern Chile.
Authors: Claudio Jobet, Iván Matus, Ricardo Campillo, Oriela Romero, Ricardo Madariaga, and Cristian Alfaro
Pages: 670 - 673 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Effect of Pressure on the Quality of Pesticide Application in Orchards.
Authors: Alcides Di Prinzio, Sergio Behmer, Jorge Magdalena, and Germán Chersicla
Pages: 674 - 678 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
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