Edited and published by Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), Ministerio de Agricultura, Chile

Pages 175 - 280
Julio - Septiembre 1985

Eighty years of Biological Control in Chile. Historical review and evaluation of the projects undertaken (1903 - 1983)
Authors: Enrique Zúñiga S.
Leveis of hay and wet sugar beet pulp for winter feeding of steers
Authors: Ignacio Ruiz N. y Germán Klee G.
Barley research in Chile. II. Grain plumpness variability in barley cultivars
Authors: Edmundo Beratto M.
Drip irrigation of two types of vineyards cv. Pais (syn. Mission) in the dryland of Cauquenes (Chile). III. Effects on mineral nutrition
Authors: Arturo Lavín A.
Drip irrigation of two types of vineyards cv. Pais (Syn.Mission) in the dryland of Cauquenes (Chile). IV. Effect on arginine contént in different vine organs
Authors: Arturo Lavín A.
Fertilization (N-P-K) of the range of the Mediterranean subhumid zone of Chile
Authors: Julia Avendaño R., Hernán Acuña P. y Carlos Ovalle M.
Identification of internal fungi, present in bean seeds
Authors: Jorge Nitsche M. y Claudio Cafati K.
Effect of different amounts of water applied to peppers. II. Water - yieldl relation
Authors: Raúl Ferreyra E., Gabriel Sellés van Sch. y Mauricio González P.
Chemical and sensorial evaluation of red wines (Cabernet-sauvignon) of different ages, from the same origin
Authors: Fernando Ureta C. y Verónica Roblero C.
Effect of ram, occurring after commercial maturity, on the wheat grain
Authors: Mario Mellado Z., Isaac Maldonado I. y Denise Granger Z.
Determination of the best time of seeding for wheat in irrigated soils of north-central Chile
Authors: René Cortázar S., Ignacio Ramírez A., Oscar Moreno M., Ernesto Hacke E. y Fernando Riveros B.
Survey of soil nutritive deficiencies using pot experiments. XXV. Influence of the NPKCaS purity on samp les from Cautín. Part I
Authors: Gotardo Schenkel S., Pedro Baherle V. y Mauricio Gajardo M.
Relation between hectoliter weight and yield of wheat, in Central Chile
Authors: René Cortázar S.
Relation between rainfail and temperature w-ith incidence of three wheat rusts, at La Platina Exp. Sta. Period 1965 to 1983
Authors: René Cortázar S.
Note on deep-freezing of ovine embryos
Authors: Jorge E. Correa