Edited and published by Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), Ministerio de Agricultura, Chile

Pages 107 - 228
Abril - Junio 1992

Beef production potential from irrigated pastures evaluated with Overo Negro young bulls in the IX Region
Authors: Norberto Butendieck B. , Sergio Hazard T. y Horacio Miranda V.
Two feeding systems with autum born dairy calves
Authors: Francisco Lanuza A., Günther Stehr H. , Norberto Butendieck B. y René Pineda A.
Utilization of poultry waste (Composed caged·|layer) as a supplement for sheep fed with straw during late pregnancy
Authors: Raúl Meneses R. y Randall Wiedmeier
Rangeland lmprovement systems in the "|espinales"| of the subhumid Mediterranean zoneof Chile. II. Botanical composition and pastoral value
Authors: Julia Avendaño R y Carlos Ovalle M.
Toxicity of protons and aluminium on white and red clover seedlings grown in nutrient solution
Authors: Fernando Borie B., Alfredo Morales L. y Mario Pino B.
A growth model for the mixture of Italian ryegrass and red clover in the dryland of the IX Región
Authors: Adrián Catrileo S.
Tolerante of lentil ev. Araueana-INIA to fluazifop-butil, haloxyfop-methyl, quizalofop-ethyl and sethoxydim
Authors: Nelson Espinoza N., Jorge Diaz S., Enrique Peñaloza H. y Marcelo Zapata R.
The seed size and its effeet on plant establishment, seed yield and seed size harvested in lentil cv. Araucana-INIA
Authors: Enrique Peñeloza H. y Juan Levio C.
Effect of N-P-K fertilization on severity of "|stem rot"| (Sclerotium hydrophilum Sacc.) in rice
Authors: Rodrigo Ortega B., Roberto Alvarado A. y Ciro Belmar N.
Effeet of mother-bulb size and weight and shape of seed-elove on galie erop (Allium satívum L.)
Authors: Agustín Aljaro U.
Nutritive deficiencies diagnosis in soils under rice monoculture. II. Effect on grain yields and sorne agronomical variables
Authors: Carlos Rojas W., Ciro Belmar N. y Pablo Grau B.
Sowing time and rates of seeding for wheat in the central-north part of Chile
Authors: René Cortázar S., Ignacio Ramirez A., Osar Moreno M., Ernesto Hacke E. y Fernando Riveros B.
Multivariate analysis for yield, climatic factors and bread quality tests of groups of triticales sown in different dates and years in the suoth of Chile
Authors: Cristián Hewstone M.
Effect of barnyard grass (Echinochloa spp) on paddy rice (Oryza sativa L.) yield in Chile
Authors: Juan Ormeño N.
Soll metal accumulation in the area under industrial chimney influence (Valparaíso Province, V Region)
Authors: Sergio González M. y Regina Ite D.
Seasonal changes In the shape of Red Delicious apple frults
Authors: Patricia Garriz I., Marcela del Egido R., Alejandra Bartusch Z. y Armando Alvarez A.
Scald of triticale in Chile
Authors: Ricardo Madariaga B. y Mario Mellado Z.