Edited and published by Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), Ministerio de Agricultura, Chile

Pages 1 - 103
Enero - Marzo 1993

Effeet of nltrogen and phosphorus fertilizatlon on growth, yleld and frult quallty of red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) ev. Heritage
Authors: Maria Angélica Salvatierra G. y Rodrigo Ortega B.
Causes of necrotic leaves and dieback of shoots in blueberries
Authors: Magdalena Cruz A.
Relationship between thrips (Thrips tabaci Llndeman y Frankliniella cestrum Moulton) on table grapes at bloom and scarrlng of berrles at harvest. II. Biological aspects
Authors: Renato Ripa S,, Fernando Rodriguez A, y René Vargas M.
Relation between thrlps on nectarlnes at blossom time and their Incldence on russeting at harvest
Authors: Renalo Ripa S. y Fernando Rodríguez A.
Karyotypic characterization of 34 garlic (Allium sativum L.) clones
Authors: Tadayuki Toyao, Moisés Escaff G. , Carlos Muñoz S.
Productivity of corn hybrids of different vegetative cicle. II. Leaf size and estimation of diverse leaf area indexes
Authors: Alfredo Luchsinger L.
Malt sprouts as a partial replacement of flsh meal and rapeseed meal in inicial concentrates for autumn calves
Authors: Francisco Lanuza A. Norbarto Bulendieck B. Günther Slehr H. y María Graciela Márquez B.
Epidemiologycal studies on strongylids in sheep. III. Effect on live welght and wool production in ewe lambs
Authors: Christian Crempien L., Alejandro Cabezas S., Ximena Muñoz A. y Patricio Pérez M.
Native vegetation of the Valdivian ñadi soils (Chile)
Authors: Carlos Ramírez G., Cristina San Martín P. Fidelina Uribe R. y Roberto Mae Donald H.
The use of inductively coupled plasma atomic-emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) for the analysis of soil available sulphur
Authors: Angélica Sadzawka R. y Silvana Massaro M.
Behaviour of wheat cultivars at La Platina Experimental Station (INIA, Santiago), in 1989 and 1990
Authors: René Cortázar S. , Ignacio Ramirez A., Ernesto Hacke E., Oscar Moreno M. y Fernando Riveros B.
Domo-INIA, an sprlng bread wheat cultivar for the south central area of Chile
Authors: Mario Mellado Z,, Iván Matus T,, Denise Grsnger Z. y Ricardo Madarisga B.
Quelén-INIA, an alternative bread wheat cultivar for the south-central area of Chile
Authors: Mario Mellado Z., Iván Matus T., Denise Granger Z. y Ricardo Madariaga B.
Pankul-INIA, a new wheat varlety of wlnter growth hablt for the south of Chile
Authors: Claudio Jobet F. y Cristihian Hewstone M.
Buli·|INIA, slender grain rice variety
Authors: Roberto Alvaredo A., Pablo Grau B., César Martinez R. y Edward L. Pulver
Sitobion fragariae (Walker) and Sitobion festucae cereafium Stroyan, two new cereal aphids in Chile
Authors: Georges Remaudiere , Petr Stary y Marcos Gerding
Identification of Ascochyta fabae Speg. In broad beans (Vicia faba L.), in Chile
Authors: Paulina Sapúlveda R., Juan Tay U. y Ricardo Madariaga R.
Identificatlon of Phoma medicaginis (Malbr. y Roum.) varo pinodella (Jones) Boerema in faba bean (Vicia faba L.) In the VI region of Chile
Authors: Paulina Sepúlveda R.
New records 01 sone Eriophyid mites (Acarina, Eriophyoldea) In blg tree (Ficus carica L.) and avocado tree (Persea americana Mili.) in Chile
Authors: Lourdes Peralta A.