Edited and published by Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), Ministerio de Agricultura, Chile

Pages 167 - 573
April - June 2012

Cover photography: Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Wild.) crop. Colchane, Tarapaca Region.
Source: Enrique Martínez, Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Áridas (CEAZA), La Serena, Chile.

Adaptability and genotype × environment interaction of spring wheat cultivars in Chile using regression analysis, AMMI, and SREG
Authors: Dalma Castillo, Ivan Matus, Alejandro del Pozo, Ricardo Madariaga, Mario Mellado
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Nutritional aspects of six quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) ecotypes from three geographical zones of Chile
Authors: Margarita Miranda, Antonio Vega-Galvez, Issis Quispe-Fuentes, María José Rodríguez, Hector Maureira, and Enrique A. Martínez
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Physiological dose-response of coffee (Coffea arabica L.) plants to glyphosate depends on growth stage.
Authors: Leonardo Bianco de Carvalho, Pedro Luis da Costa Aguiar Alves, Silvano Bianco, Rafael De Prado
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Chemical constituents and toxicity of essential oils of oriental arborvitae, Platycladus orientalis (L.) franco, against three stored-product beetles.
Authors: Seyed Hashemi, and Seyed Safavi
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Insecticidal effect of fruit extracts from Xylopia aethiopica and Dennettia tripetala (Annonaceae) against Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
Authors: Donald A. Ukeh, Ene E. Oku, Idorenyin A. Udo, Abo I. Nta, and Jude A. Ukeh
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Selection of entomopathogenic nematodes against Dalaca pallens (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae)
Authors: Alexis Maldonado, Loreto Merino, Andrés France
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Decrease in pupation and adult emergence of Plutella xylostella (L.) treated by hexaflumuron.
Authors: Mohammad Mahmoudvand, Habib Abbasipour, Aziz Sheikhi Garjan, Ali Reza Bandani
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Genetic variability of the tomato leaf miner (Tuta absoluta Meyrick; Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), in Tunisia, inferred from RAPD-PCR
Authors: Asma Bettaïbi, Maha Mezghani-Khemakhem, Dhia Bouktila, Hanem Makni, Mohamed Makni
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Residual effect of pesticides used in the integrated apple production on Chrysoperla externa (Hagen) (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) larvae
Authors: Alexandre F. Moura, Geraldo Carvalho, Marcos Botton
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Exploring the potential use of photo-selective nets for fruit growth regulation in apple.
Authors: Richard M. Bastías, Luigi Manfrini, and Luca Corelli Grappadelli
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The influence of water deficit on iron and zinc uptake by Matricaria chamomilla L.
Authors: Alireza Pirzad, Reza Darvishzadeh, Iraj Bernousi, Abbas Hassani, and Nuray Sivritepe
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Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Pseudomonas fluorescens with different levels of superphosphate on the growth response of linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.)
Authors: Neetu Neetu, Ashok Aggarwal, Anju Tanwar, and Alpa Alpa
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The effect of using quail litter biochar on soybean (Glycine max [L.] Merr.) production.
Authors: Tawadchai Suppadit, Nittaya Phumkokrak, and Pakkapong Poungsuk
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Latitudinal analysis of rainfall intensity and mean annual precipitation in Chile
Authors: Roberto Pizarro, Rodrigo Valdés, Pablo García-Chevesich, Carlos Vallejos, Claudia Sangüesa, Carolina Morales, Francisco Balocchi, Alejandro Abarza, and Roberto Fuentes
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Tomatoes dried by infrared: Modeling and some coefficients of the dehydration process.
Authors: Paulo Corrêa, Gabriel Oliveira, Fernanda Baptestini, Mayra Diniz, and Aline Paixão
Pages 262 - 267 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Effect of sewage sludge and sawdust in association with hybrid ryegrass (Lolium × hybrydum Hausskn.) on soil macroaggregates and water content
Authors: Marco Sandoval E., José Celis H., Carlos Bahamondes P.
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Composition and bioactive properties of yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis A. St.-Hil.): A review.
Authors: Kellie P. Burris, Federico M. Harte, P. Michael Davidson, C. Neal Stewart Jr., Svetlana Zivanovic
Pages: 268 - 274 | Abstract | Full Text PDF | Resumen |
Characterization of volatile compounds in the essential oil of sweet lime (Citrus limetta Risso).
Authors: María C. Colecio-Juárez, Rubria E. Rubio-Núñez, José E. Botello-Álvarez, Gloria M. Martínez-González, José L. Navarrete-Bolaños, and Hugo Jiménez-Islas
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Endophytic bacteria from Pinus taeda as biocontrol agents of Fusarium circinatum Nirengerg & O'Donnell
Authors: Silvina Soria, Raquel Alonso, and Lina Bettucci
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Acute contact toxicity test of oxalic acid on honeybees of the southwestern zone of Uruguay.
Authors: Leonidas Carrasco-Letelier, Yamandú Mendoza, and Gustavo Ramallo
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Potential protein deposition in the european wild boar (Sus scrofaL.)
Authors: Roberto P. Quijada, andSuzanne Hodgkinson
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Improving harvesting techniques to ensure Sphagnum regeneration in Chilean peatlands.
Authors: Maria Francisca Diaz , and Wladimir Silva
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