Edited and published by Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA), Ministerio de Agricultura, Chile

Pages 261 -
Octubre - Diciembre 1982

Analysis and projections of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) for the present decade
Authors: Claudio Cafati K.
Dried bakery product in starters for Hoistein-Friesian calves
Authors: Marisol González Y., José Flores M. y Juan Cortés T.
Pot experiments for the identification of deficient micronutrients in Chilean soils. III. Using Trifolium pratense, Malleco Province
Authors: Gotardo Schenkel S., Pedro Baherle V. y Mauricio Gajardo M.
Biochemistry of soils derived from volcanic ashes. II. Microbial synthesis of humic-type polymers and their adsorption capacity for Zn(II) and Mg(II)
Authors: Hugo Zunino V., María Aguilera S., Pedro Peirano V., Mario Caiozzi M. y Astrid Rex
Effectsof four fertilization levels on a mixed pasture, in milk production. I. Effects on available dry matter and nutritive value
Authors: Ljubo Goi M. y Mauricio Hiriart L.
Segregation of factors for &ldquo|vegetative period&rdquo| in a cross between a winter and a spring wheat cultivars
Authors: Mario Mellado Z.
Effect of planting distance on growth and production of the cv. Cabernet Sauvignon (Vitís vinifera L.)
Authors: Iván Muñoz Honorato
Effect of four fertilization leveis on a mixed pasture in milk production. II. Effects on the mil king cows
Authors: Ljubo Goi M. y Hernán Bórquez M.
Effect of paying for technological transference and other variables on the process of change in agriculture
Authors: Lucía A. Lorca y Liliana Larrañaga
Effect on wheat germination of the addition of activated carbon and/or hydrogen peroxide to a soil
Authors: Elías Letelier A. y Rafael Novoa S.-A.
Test for resistance to golden nematode of sorne potato clones
Authors: Hugo Guglielmetti M. y Abdón Guiñez S
Relation between the presence of bacterial infections in uterus and oviducts of slaughtered cows
Authors: Rodrigo Palacios, Marta Rivas y Mario Jarpa
Wheat breeding for the north-central zone of Chile
Authors: René Cortázar S.
Pupae of the genus Spodoptera Gueneé, 1852, from the north of Chile (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Authors: A. O. Angulo y Carmen Jana S.
Identification of Ascochyta lentis Bond. and Vassil. on lentils (Lens culinaris M.) in Chile
Authors: Paulina Sepúlveda R. y Mario Alvarez A.
Sorne plant diseases observed in Chile, and not included in Flora Fungosa Chilena
Authors: Huib Tollenaar G.
Llaofén-INIA, a new oat cultivar
Authors: Edmundo Beratto M.